Orchard fruits will be tucked in to be found all over the farm.  Some will be in dedicated and enclosed systems, others trained over structures such as a central  gazebo. We are continually expanding our base of apples, pears, apricots, plums, cherries, aronias, elderberries, saskatoons, hazelnuts, fruiting rose hips and so much more!

Elderflowers have many uses, including skin care and for making a delicious intoxicatingly aromatic Elderflower Syrup. The syrup can be used in baking or sparkling drinks.  We also make Elderflower Champagne and Elderflower Mead by a traditional fermentation process.  Picking judiciously in June still allows for a crop of elderberries which are used for making remedies, jams and jellies.

Our sweet little goat herd members provide fresh milk.   The goats belong to our closed circle farming practice where they provide sustenance for us and our guests and also provide raw goat milk to produce our orchard and vineyard/grape vine spray.  Raw milk contains wonderful antiseptic properties and enzymes that act as fungal control and give foliar nutrition to the plant.  We do the same for our pasture and hayfields with no petrochemical fertilizers or inputs added to our land.