Natural Wines

Wine is something we ingest.  It should be wholesome along with being delicious. Our biodynamic wines are made naturally.  The natural wine cellar begins with biodynamic grapes grown without weedkillers, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides or herbicides.  A plentiful native under story is grown for the benefit of butterflies, wild bees and visiting hummingbirds.  The vines are carefully tended and are not subjected to machine pruning.  The grapes are hand-harvested in multiple small bunch croppings to provide for optimal ripeness.  They are very gently treated, carried in small batches and the transport time is non-existent because grapes are not trucked in or out.  The grape bunches are treated on site to a careful crushing (pigeage) and gentle pressing to release their juices.  Some varieties are whole bunch fermented.  In all cases the free run juice is allowed to ferment with ambient yeasts without the malolactic fermentation blocked or sulphites used.  The wines have not been fined meaning that all wines are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.  The clearing process happens during the natural cool Fall weather ambient temperature drop that occurs shortly after harvest and primary fermentation.  The wine has not been filtered and we don’t use any additives during the wine making process.  The wines are made the old fashioned way with low-intervention in the cellar.

When drinking natural wine, think of the grower and vintner.  The commitment to the land is deep and you will find endless subtleties to enjoy with vintage variations.