Aronia Berries – Bio-dynamic

Aronia Berries – the Super Edible

Aronia berries are known as a super health fruit.  Aronia juice has very high levels of anthocyanins and flavonoids, five to ten times higher than cranberry juice, with beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants, polyphenols, minerals and vitamins.  It has more antioxidant power than other fruits including grapes, elderberries, blueberries and cranberries.  Antioxidants help reduce the risk for cancer, heart disease, inflammation, diabetes, bacterial infections and neurological diseases in humans. They also slow the aging process.  Aronia berries contain high levels of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds.

Aronia Life

Early Spring Blossoms

Delicious and Healthy!

The Wild Bees Have Done Their Job

Ripening berries are really tiny fruits with delicate edible seeds inside. These provide a healthy dose of fiber. Aronia is the focus of much promising health research for many major degenerative diseases. Much can be found on PubMed about these results.

Some recent academic works:

Osteoporosis and bone biomechanical

Gastroprotective and anti-inflammatory


Anti-viral – influenza

Multiple sclerosis, blood pressure

Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular, Parkinson’s

Our Aronia bushes are fruit-tree size, with violet-black berries which hang in clusters.

Here are a few of the ways to use Elderberry Lane Farm Aronia Berries:

Fruit Crisp – our favourite decadent summer desert – use ½ Aronia Berries and ½ local Blackberries in your regular fruit crisp recipe.  To make this desert “over the top” use an oatmeal and chopped hazelnut, butter and brown sugar crust.  Sweeten fruit to taste.  Aronia has plenty of natural pectin.

Aronia Jam and Jelly – no added pectin required.  Also great made into a mixed fruit jam (again the local Blackberries go well, or make another of our favourites – Italian Prune Plum and Aronia Berry blend).

Wine – makes a superior dry wine with a Cabernet finish.  Pure Aronia wine wins medals in Europe.  Also can be blended with grapes.

Juice – particularly good made with a juice steamer and additionally good blended with apple juice.  (Without a steamer? Cook and drip from a jelly bag to extract for juice.)

Syrup – use on pancakes or add as base to your own carbonated water for a refreshing summer “pop” or get creative in cocktails

Cider – hard (fermented) Apple and Aronia cider

Dried and Tea – dried whole, makes a wonderful stash for winter use, or for super healthy trail mix, snacks, cereals, yogurt, and smoothies.  Chop and dry for a healthy year round tea experience.  Next time you are in a major center, look in the health food stores or European delis (especially German and Polish) and you will find Aronia tea and dried Aronia Berries on the shelves.

FreezingAronia Berries freeze very well for later use.  Easy – just pop them in containers, whole and raw.  Freezing reduces tannin levels. Great to add a handful before cooking your morning porridge.

The Farm and Vineyard are managed with Biodynamic practices.