The Highland Fold

Gondola and Ganache

Below are some of our young Highland cow girls showing off their noses at hay time.  We just love the Highland cow’s delicate and exquisite nose.  Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!  That’s half the fun at calving time.  Highland nose colours can range from delicate pink to solid black and they are often the same colour as the hooves.

All these gals are purebred Scottish Highland Cattle, registered with the Canadian Highland Cattle Society.




Our cows are strictly pasture raised, outdoors in the sun and on a mixed grassland pasture of grass, forbs and brush.  That means the cow’s gut micro biome and rumen stays healthy.  This produces a healthier cow.

All our pastures and hayfields are cared for bio-dynamically with no petrochemical fertilizers, herbicides, or glyphosate sprayed on our land.

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